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18Eighteen May 2008: 80 Photos of Jessica Fox

You got pretty freaky in your new movie, CottonTail, Jessica. What was that like?
"It just so happened that Jarrod and I had great chemistry, and everything flowed along nicely...including my sweet pussy juice. [Laughs] I love it when I find someone who is as freaky as I am. I'm young and single and I want to be banged hard. So, I'm pretty aggressive when it comes to sex and that scares guys off. But they probably couldn't handle this anyway. I'm just too hot for them!???

Are you planning on a Spring Break bang-fest?
"Well, I didn't come to Miami just to lay in the sun! The guys here really know how to fuck, and my pussy is ready for some deep-dicking. I even had my first one-night stand down here. It was a nighttime and this guy I just met wanted to skinny-dip in the ocean. Once we got in he slipped his cock in my pussy and I started screaming so loud that people thought there was a shark attack!???

How loud would you be with two cocks in you?
"It's off the charts. I got a sore throat from screaming once after a threesome with two guys. I was already belting out curse words when one guy started to fuck my pussy. But I'm surprised no one called the cops when the other guy's hard-on went in my ass. I hollered up a storm and came like crazy.???


Posted: 14:30, 2008-May-5

18Eighteen May 2008: 80 Photos of Stracy

Hey, Stracy. Tell us all about the first big "O??? you ever had.
Gosh! I was taking a shower and I let water from the faucet run over my pussy. I had to stop myself from moaning so my parents wouldn't hear. Ever since then I spend at least 45 minutes in the shower. Hot showers are my fave thing ever.???

So the shower is your favorite way to cum?
"I'm so horny that I don't think I can pick just one favorite way to cum. I have a saying,???If it makes me wet, I'm set.' I can get off on anything. Water, dildos, fingers, or even humping a pillow. When I'm alone, I mostly masturbate with my favorite vibrator on my tiny cunt. First, I pretend I'm sucking on a guy's big thingie and swirl my tongue around the head real slow. Then I rub on my swollen clit till I'm moist and slowly work the dildo into my tingling pussy.???

We bet your boyfriend's cock makes you cum, too.
"I wish! But I'm still a cherry. I'm waiting for the right time to give it up to my boyfriend, but we never have a chance to be alone 'cause my parents are always around. We're gonna take a trip soon and we're gonna do it then. I can't wait 'cause I'm so horny and wanna fuck so bad!???


Posted: 14:30, 2008-May-2

Video Virgins: 16:13 Minute Video of Michelle Honeywell

"I love to go to the beach and tan naked. The sun feels so good on my bare nipples and on my pussy. And honestly, I like the attention from guys. Sometimes I'll spread my legs and finger my pussy right there just to see their reaction. One time this guy actually came up to me while I was playing with myself. His confidence turned me on, so we went in the water and fucked!???


Posted: 14:30, 2008-May-1

Top Sets: 65 Photos of Jessica Lea

"I haven't always been such a horny, open girl. When I lost my virginity I was so nervous. I was kissing this boy and I got all wet. He was rubbing my crotch through my pants and it made me tingly. I wanted him to touch me underneath my underwear, but I was too scared to let him know what I really wanted. What if he thought it was gross or something? But I was so horny I gave in and told him to touch my pussy. It felt really good. Then he took off my panties and looked between my legs. He said it looked so good he wanted to eat it. I told him just to stick it in, 'cause I still felt a little insecure about a guy's face being up in my cooch. But when he popped my cherry I lost all inhibitions. Now I'm all about getting my clit licked!"


Posted: 14:30, 2008-Apr-30

Bang Em Teens: 5:39 Minute Video of Victoria

Victoria used to be a big lesbo, but something happened along the way. Something that changed her life...for the better. She got a taste of cock and decided she liked it better than pussy. Now she will still occasionally have a taste of twat, but most of her time is spent blowing and riding dick. Watch this former lezzie use her new skills on this guy as she slobbers all over his tool and fucks him like a dick-crazed maniac.


Posted: 14:30, 2008-Apr-29

18eighteen April 2008: 72 Photos of Monika Dupree

Hi, Monika. You were a cherry in the Jan. '08 issue. Did you lose it yet or what?
"Yeah! I lost it to one of the soccer coaches at my school. I would tutor his athletes all the time and he'd always make jokes about how he was gonna tutor me in some sex education. So, one day after practice, I waited until all the guys left and then I asked him if he could tutor me in the gym showers. He was shocked, but he totally fucked me!"

Wow, so you're fucking a teacher at your school?
"I don't go to his school anymore 'cause he thought it was going to be too risky. I transferred to a new school and now we see each other on the weekends. We live about an hour away from one another, so I do really kinky shows on my webcam for him every night so he can jerk his cock!"

What kind of kinky shows do you do for him?
"Well, he really loves it when I dress up for him. I like it, too. He sends me all sorts of kinky costumes to wear. I have a Little Red Riding Hood one, and a sexy fairy one, too. I get a new costume almost every week. I dress up and then I dance around for him. He likes it when I spank my ass and spread my ass cheeks really far apart and then rub my finger on my tiny asshole. Or sometimes, I will just rip my costume off my body really savagely and just spread my pussy lips and spit all over my fingers or my toy and just fuck myself really hard until I'm dripping with cum. I try and be quiet so my mom won't hear but it's really hard!"


Posted: 14:30, 2008-Mar-31

18eighteen April 2008: 63 Photos of Annette

Welcome to the States and to 18eighteen, Annette. Tell us about yourself and your suckable nipples.
"Thank you. I am excited to be in dirty magazine. I love dirty magazines and I love to be naked. I practice every day in front of mirror. I pose and show my body. I touch myself and pinch my nipples to make them very hard for you. You like, no?"

Oh, we like very much! So what are your fantasies and why do you like being naked so much?
"I like being naked because it is natural. It makes me feel free and this is very nice. I am always in state of horny arousal. I have many sexy dreams about American actors I see on the television and I wake up with wetness in my pussy every morning and I like to touch myself while I lay in my bed. I touch my pussy five times a day to make myself reach satisfaction. When I am touching myself, I let my neighbor see me. He is very sexually experienced and tells me how to touch myself so that I look the sexiest. He helped me pose for these photos. He lets me suck his manhood, too, so I can practice to be in dirty movies one day!"


Posted: 13:30, 2008-Mar-29

Video Virgins: 11:51 Minute Video of Sofie Perez

"My friends think I'm weird 'cause I'm really into video games, but all the nerdy guys seem to think I'm hot for that reason. Nerds aren't so bad, you know. They're really smart and they actually like to go to the arcade with me. It turns me on when a guy is into the same things as me. And since the nerds don't get that many girls they are eager to please when they do get some. That means they spend a lot of time licking my pussy and making me cream. To return the favor I'll slob on their cock till they spurt down my throat. And when they fuck me they always wait for me to cum first. Nerds are great, I think every girl should fuck one!"


Posted: 13:30, 2008-Mar-27

18eighteen April 2008: 80 Photos of Tyler Stevens

Welcome back, Tyler. In the Nov. '07 issue you were hot for the mailman. Did you guys fuck?
"I totally tried to fuck him, but we kept getting caught. The first time was by my mom. She saw me getting into his car and made me turn around and come back inside. The second time we were gonna do it and his wife found out! Can you believe that? She flipped and I hopped in my car and split! It was like one of those cheesy reality shows where the cheater gets caught. It's too bad for him 'cause I really wanted to fuck him!"

That sucks! Are you going to give him another chance to get in your pants, Tyler?
"Ugh. No way. If a guy makes it so much of a mission the first couple of times, then he isn't worth my time! Older guys are supposed to be the responsible ones! Duh. Anyway, I found someone new to fuck. It's a secret, but I'm totally banging my mom's boyfriend. He started it! I swear. I was eating breakfast one morning after my mom went to work and it just happened! We fucked on the kitchen table! Now he comes over and tutors me while I do my homework. That means we fuck in my room every night!"

What if she finds out?
"She might 'cause we made a sex video and it's a scene in Teens Next Door. I know it's fucked up, but it makes me feel really sexy 'cause he says I am better than she is in the sack!"


Posted: 13:30, 2008-Mar-26

First Look: 65 Photos of Jessica Lea

Jessica is one of the horniest teens we have come across in a long time. And best of all, you'd never guess it by her innocent-looking face. How do we know how horny she is? ???Cause she told us! "I want to fuck all the time. I've only been with two guys but I feel like I'm dick crazy already. Hopefully some hot guys will see these pictures and want to lick and stick my pussy,??? Jessica said. Still don't believe how much of a horny tart she is? During this shoot all she talked about was how great the sex she had the night before was and how good she came from her lover's big cock. She even got a little wet talking about it! Check out this set where she strips and shows off her tight, pink cock hole. And be sure to jerk it hard for Jessica; it turns her on.


Posted: 13:30, 2008-Mar-26

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